Raw Seasons - The Recipe Book

Raw Seasons is recipe book of delicious vegan (mostly raw) meals that satisfy and nourish.  Each part of the year I have utilized the crops that are in season for the recipes, and offered information on gardening, raw food preservation, and seed saving. It really is a collection of my personal recipes that I developed to feed myself and my partner Mark who both work hard on our organic vegetable farm in Michigan. I was always an adventurous cook and an avid recipe-collector. When I went raw vegan I struggled to make food taste as it had when I was a cooked animal eater. That was important to me because I am basically a foodie. I am also persistent.

I believe that eating from this recipe book is the best diet for most humans. Not all, of course because people have different tastes and food sensitivities. Some physical and mental conditions require different nutrients. And I think those tastes and requirements change along the way. The possibility that diet (and other lifestyle changes) can heal physical disease, emotional pain, and mental fogginess is super exciting to me. 

The main point is that unless you try being a CLOVER eater you would not know if it would make you feel even better than you do now. After being raw for a number of years I could really tell the difference in my attitude, my need for water intake, my sleep pattern, and my intestinal function if I ate something that was cooked (even accidentally). Could these changes be from my belief that raw is better? Maybe. But why not try it? Eating raw is easier and cheaper than cooking! Clean–up is quicker too.

Don’t get me wrong. I still eat some of my food cooked but I limit it and take measures to alleviate how it affects me. I always eat something raw first and drink plenty of water to compensate.

Many recipes were developed from an idea I got from other books. Where possible, I gave credit to those trailblazers who went before me as is right to do. Mostly I just studied flavors and visualized the smell and consistency of the regular food we all eat to put together something that would taste even better warmed instead of cooked, vegan instead of animal.

I hope you find the information helpful on your journey to feed and heal yourself. Prepare the satisfying food with joy and eager anticipation the way I do. In-joy!


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Janet has just published her second book, Raw Seasons: What to Make with What you Have: American Home “Cooking” – Raw Vegan Style. It's filled with over 200 raw vegan recipes that she either developed originally or enhanced using her knowledge and years of experience preparing raw meals at home.

Raw Seasons has chapters on how to grow your own food year-round (even in cold climates or small apartments), as well as seed saving and raw food preservation.

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