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Even as a child Janet Allen knew it would take a long time to find her path…and, indeed, it did. Janet turns 71 during the same year that her first book—Spiritual Effects of Live Food—is being birthed into the world. 

From an early age it seemed to Janet that her perceptions of the world were different from those around her. Nevertheless, she continually tried to ‘fit in.’ She married, had two children, and kept reading and seeking. Her husband Mark is her fourth, and she is nowJanet Allen, Author proud of her willingness to keep seeking ‘against the grain.’ The struggle was well worth it.

Janet Allen was born on a family farm in Michigan—believe it or not, directly across the road from the farm called Hygieia Homestead where she now lives with her husband Mark, (see The Farm).

Along with her two brothers (one older, one younger), Janet helped raise milk cows and a few chickens as she was growing up.  Milk, grain, honey and maple syrup were produced on the farm and sold for income.  

The garden on the farm supplied most of the vegetables for the family, and Janet spent many long days working barefoot in the garden and later helped her mother in the kitchen freezing and canning fruit and vegetables and making jam. She learned to drive a tractor before she was heavy enough to push in the clutch; she had to push up on the steering wheel to stop the tractor.

Eventually, Janet moved from the farm and went to Henry Ford Hospital nursing school in Detroit, but left that program before graduating. She worked as an LPN and then continued her nursing education at Antelope Valley College in Lancaster, CA, where she earned her associates degree in nursing. Later, she would receive her bachelors and masters degrees in nursing at University of California in San Francisco, plus she trained there as a nurse practitioner in women’s health. 

Her time in San Francisco turned her into a ‘hippie,’ and she never lost that attitude, even as she pursued a long career as a gynecological nurse practitioner. Every book she read, every class she attended, and every person she met inspired her toward seeking her own truth, which led her to study alternative therapies and metaphysical studies. She eventually earned a PhD at Sancta Sophia Seminary in Oklahoma and was ordained as a minister by Dan Chesboro, founder of Sanctuary of the Beloved—a profound and memorable experience. 

Janet studied energy healing, hypnosis, and many other ‘alternative’ therapies and finally learned about the huge impact of diet in healing physical, as well as emotional and mental dis-eases. Janet completed a life-changing two-week course in holistic dietary practices at Creative Health Institute (now called Vibrant Health Institute www.vibranthealthinstitute.com) in Union City, MI. She was inspired to share with others what she learned there, and was therefore compelled to write Spiritual Effects of Live Food.

Janet Allen, now the proud grandmother of eight, never wavers in her passion for the miracles that seem to happen in and around a detoxified body. She does not claim to be ‘100 percent’ anything (except vegetarian), but year after year cravings for anything toxic seem to dissipate. Her dream is to gather together a raw community whose members work together cooperatively to sustainably produce healthy organic vegan food for an awakening humanity. She envisions a large earth-friendly home to shelter the community and hold classes to teach farming, food preparation/preservation, yoga, meditation, play, and other self-healing habits. She plans to travel in order to share her passion and answer questions, whenever possible.

Excerpt from Spiritual Effects of Live Food:

“But when a tiny step is taken either mentally or physically, a huge decision has been made which ripples out into the body and the environment. That decision brings similar waves back again and again. Changing my diet brought clarity of mind I literally could never have imagined. Yes, I am responsible. I get both the credit and the blame.”


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