for "The Spiritual Effects of Live Food"


First I have to say words escape the connected feeling I got while reading this ground-breaking material. You nailed it, my friend. It is almost like you climbed into my head and heart and found my beliefs. Anyone who follows an alternate path and those seeking will be able to relate to this. I love how you broke down the different forms of disease and not just the physical aspects. I like how you relate emotional blocks to fear because that is really what it is and you explain it well. I like how you explained addiction vs. habit, vs, your Slideshow TheBook1body needs it. Your explanation cleared my confusion right up. 
~ Zuleika Tomlinson - therawfoodexpress.com
Saginaw, MI


I just finished reading chapter 4 (another midnight run). What a chapter, Janet. You got more information in that few pages than I have seen altogether in many spiritual books combined. You really have put some time and thought into the meanings of all these spiritual terms. This is as much a "spirituality primer" as a book on eating clean healthy food. It is easy to see the connection. I hope those not on a spiritual path will be able to see it too. I am convinced as you are that eating a clean diet and living a life in balance with our higher energies leads to a spiritual enlightenment. In fact I don't see how a person could progress on the path to enlightenment any other way. I think one might begin but would ultimately be blocked at some point unable to go any further.

You asked if I found anything that went against my belief system and the answer is absolutely not. In fact I would think if any one was offended in some way it would just mean that this material is not for them yet. Every time I finish one chapter I am prompted to go back and reread all the previous ones again. Every chapter just gets better and better and I like to pull it all together again as I go along. Anxiously awaiting the next chapter. Bring it on!
~ Lela Samargis, Sancta Sophia Seminary graduate
Stillwell, OK


I have just read ravenously through your first chapter, breathed a big sigh of relief and sat down and laughed with delight, hugging myself as if I were hugging you. It is so wonderful to find a being of like searching and finding, whose mind has come to these golden words on paper. We have looked in many of the same places and come to the same conclusions - what a soothing and wondrous thing. I am so happy that you have written them down while I am more a molder in clay and put my energies into working with the earth energies of healing the scars left by other  humans here and by growing and eating these live plant beings, I also find personal healing.
~ Juliana Margaret Ann Hess 
Thunder Bay, ON

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