Q: I don’t have time/money to eat raw vegan organic food.

A: Unless you eat only processed or restaurant food, raw diet is even faster than cooking anything.  It is faster clean up and faster to shop. You only have to go to the produce department.

The cost is no more than fast food and if you count the long term cost of medical care and medications, and consider such things as the cost of fuel for cooking and the long term damage to the topsoil, the cost is not anywhere near comparable to any standard American diet. And you can grow a lot of it yourself.

Find out more in my book, Spiritual Effects of Live Food: Diet for a New Age about the heavy cost of conventional agriculture and standard American diet chapter 9 - page 259, and chapter 11 - page 322.

Q: If the raw diet is so great, why haven’t my doctors told me to eat that way?

A: Doctors are usually taught very little about diet. Dietitians are also not taught about the benefits of eating food raw. As a student nurse I remember being taught to section an orange for nutrition class (not why oranges were good for you!).

Medical science does not generally consider energy and toxins to be factors in the development of disease and the maintenance of wellness. Doctors are taught to use drugs and surgery to alleviate symptoms. You will need to do your own research and try it and see how you feel.

Find out more in my book, Spiritual Effects of Live Food: Diet for a New Age in chapters 6, 7, and 8 about the basic causes of wellness and especially page 146 about how medical treatments actually exacerbate dis-ease in several ways. You are in charge of your health and your life. Good health is a gift you give yourself.

Q: I tried an all raw food diet once and after the first day I felt terrible. I had gas, and I was tired and cranky.  I thought you said this food was good for me.

A: Many people are blindsided by detoxification symptoms. Cooked food is addictive because it alters your body and mind to give you something of a sleepy dazed feeling much like many drugs. As you begin to detoxify your body you will likely crave cooked food, as an alcoholic or drug user craves their medication. Some of the things you can do to get through this period is to drink a lot of water (a gallon or more per day), take naps, exercise, and do stretches. Also you should eat all the raw living food you want so that you are never hungry and distracting yourself will help. You can cook some whole grain or vegetables if you need to. This is not a pass fail diet. The gas is from the overburdened colon trying to finally clean itself when offered the fiber and water and living energy it needs to work properly – this too will pass (pun was intended).

Find out more about detoxification symptoms (and how to cope with them) in my book, Spiritual Effects of Live Food: Diet for a New Age in chapters 6, 8 and 9.

Choose wellness!

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